In March of 2011 my husband passed away unexpectedly.  We were in our mid-fifties and married 36 years.  It had been just the two of us for 11 years and our children did not live close by.  I had a well-paid, professional career and he had just started a full-time teaching job the previous September. I remember some things about the day he died but not too much about the next few weeks.  He was not only my husband, my lover, and the father of my children, but most importantly my best friend.

I feel the time is right to talk about my walk as a widow; my journey through loss, grief, joy, hard decisions, and learning how to live when half of me is missing.  I won’t start from the beginning, but will go there from time to time in order to share a walk I didn’t choose to make; one with no map, one with no distance, one with no final destination.


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  1. My sister lost her husband last year. My heart goes out to you as her pain has been profound. So happy that you have created this little slice of the world to call your own. Writing can be so healing. Best wishes.


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