Death of Joy

Social media sites bring new meaning to Mark Twain’s “Comparison is the death of joy.”.  Teddy Roosevelt used the word, theft but it doesn’t matter for if comparison and joy were included in the rock/paper/scissors game, comparison would trump joy.  The comparison range used to be limited to the physical realm, but now the world, so it’s easy to find myself lacking and what’s joyful about that?  My house is smaller than yours, my wrinkles more abundant, I only have 72 friends, and I’m not a size 2.  What I see now pretty much portrays the great stuff.  What I don’t see are the struggles, the imperfect parts of life that everyone experiences, the parts that are camera shy, more comfortable hiding in the dark.  It’s not that I want to see it all, but I need to find a way to remind myself that what I see is only snippets of their reality, I don’t have to meet or exceed all I see, I’m not lacking, and I can find joy in their joy.  It’s not about what others have, do, or look like, but all those things about me, comparing them to what I want them to be.

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