Just Choosing

I’ve chosen many paths in my life, choosing without knowing for sure where I’d end up.  I’ve used the pros and cons method, weighing them against each other to see which one’s heavier.  I’ve listened to my gut because, considering it’s a gut, it makes a pretty good feeling meter.  As a financial analyst I would joke about checking my crystal ball when it came to predicting interest rates.  Making a decision involves some guess work because it’s impossible to know every detail for certain and it can only take one unknown sticking it’s toe out to trip me up.  It’s not about making the right choice or choosing wrong, it’s all about just choosing.  If right, good for me.  If wrong, there’s pretty good odds of fixing it and if not, then I’ve just taken the long way around.  Right or wrong, at least I’ve made a decision, making it possible to move forward.  Not choosing is like stepping into quick setting cement and nowhere is where I’ll be going.

Trees Fall/Choose (Enfield, NH 2010)

  • Which way will the tree fall.
  • Make a guess and hope for the best.
  • Wind doesn’t need to guess.
  • It knows the tree and fells it perfectly.

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