Is Unhappy Winning?

I saw my Mom recently and she’s very unhappy about her present circumstances.  They aren’t the best but they are the best for her at this time in her life.  She made me think generally about people who are unhappy about all, or parts, of their life that can’t be changed.  My conclusion is unhappy isn’t helping but making life worse.  My Mom talks about all that’s unhappy continually, as if doing so would make them go away, but instead they seem to have consumed her to the point of keeping her from the game shows she enjoyed watching.  The unhappy is winning and I can’t figure out how to motivate her to say, enough, and get out of her room and do something.  Self-motivation is hard, even when there’s no unhappy consuming your thoughts.  I struggle with it over many things I’m determined to remove from, or add to, my life.  I can usually manage to stick want to/need to change in my mind, but struggle with applying enough glue to the actual doing of it on a consistent basis, to make doing stick. I can be unhappy as I am, but I’d rather be determined to keep trying.


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