Fit In

The movie Captain Fantastic raises several interesting questions about social mores.  One questioned how many societal norms are we willing to ingrain into our lives.  Do we jump on the rubber raft with no paddle and go with the whim of a raging river or do we choose a canoe, calmer water, with paddle in hand and time to consider each bend, each channel; what might the consequences be, how great the impact.  Never having a mind of your own or always considering are extremes one might call insane, or maybe “insanely great”.  I tend to lean towards considering who says so.  Who says I have to put stone countertops in my kitchen?  Who doesn’t say, consider the cost?  Who says I need 24/7 access to television on my phone?  Who says “new math” is amazing?  Who doesn’t explain why US schools aren’t #1 in the world?  Who says I have to cut my hair a certain way, or wear certain clothes?  Who says I have to live a certain way or here’s the right way to raise a family?  I have a mind so I can decide for me and mine.  Gotta have it – nope!  Gotta fit in – nope!


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