I’m Yours

These words, from the movie Captain Fantastic, struck me as being an amazing expression of love: “My face is mine.  My hands are mine.  My mouth is mine.  But I’m not.  I’m yours.”   These words represent giving your whole being, your heart, mind, and soul, the most important things that comprise a life, to another person.  They don’t just get some of these unseen pieces or all of them some of the time.  They get the whole shebang, all the time.  I don’t just hear and see you, I try my best to listen and understand.  I don’t keep secrets and tell the truth even if it’s hurtful.  You get my faults as well as my strengths, my successes as well as my failures.  I’ve put my heart in your hands so be gentle with it.  Unfortunately I selfishly control the parts of me you do see, so I might do and say things you don’t like, that hurt.  I might look at you with selfish eyes at times so I hope you can get past what you see and hear and find the inner most parts I unselfishly gave you are the true me and know I’m still yours.


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