Lots of Changes

My grandson is turning 5; the same number of years I’ve lived here.  Over those years, lots of changes have taken place, in the place I now call home, in me, and in him.  The messy back bank, full of weeds, has been replaced with rocks and perennials in all the colors of the rainbow.  The water stained porch was removed and kitchen updated.  A woodshop and finished entry were added to the empty, open basement.  My life cluttered with undesirable thoughts and disarray has been replaced with determination to bring it back to life and find many useful purposes.  Much sadness has been removed and therefore, so has the overflow of tears.  How I live my life has been updated to accommodate the changes I needed to make in order to move forward with my life.  The emptiness has been filled with grandchildren and acceptance.  My grandson is like the colorful perennials, full of life, growing taller and filling up the space they started out in.  He’s part of my update; the continually new replacing the stagnate old.  He’s part of all I’ve added to me, filling in the empty spaces left behind after so much was taken away.


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