Get Going

I realized yesterday the same thing I realized 30 years ago – I’m getting chubby.  Last time it was a photo, this time a video my grandson took.  I know I’ve been eating too much peanut butter and chocolate but didn’t realize that it’s been way too much.  I’ve been justifying it with it’s a pleasant reward for all I do and what’s wrong with that?  I was hoping  I was being active enough to avoid any major consequences.  Well it ends up the result of enjoying my sweets makes me very unhappy.  All it took was watching myself, without holding in my tummy, in the video and seeing the one thing I was never going to let happen again.  I’ve only gained 3 pounds, but it’s the wrong kind of pounds, so last night I decided to stop the peanut butter and chocolate , get up earlier, and move.  Body first – get my heart rate up for 20 minutes, toning my muscles, and strengthening by back and arms.  Mind second – write a blog.  Belly last – one small treat with tea, a late breakfast, light afternoon lunch, and healthy supper.  No one’s going to do this for me – so get going!


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