Forget It or Fix It

There’s a song that says “forget about life for a while”.  The only reason to do so is to escape the unhappy, difficult, or painful parts life throws at you.  There’s many ways to jump ship, unload, or check out before you get called back to reality.  I used the, work lots of hours and traveling on weekends method, providing a way to avoid going home to an empty house.  There’s alcohol and drugs providing a way to lighten the load.  But these things deal with “forget about life”, but forget the “for a while” part.  Forgetting is fine, but it’s only temporary so at some point you’re back at remembering.  Do you keep going around in circles or change whatever you’re trying to forget into something you want to remember?  Maybe you can’t fix it or maybe you just haven’t figured out how yet.  Maybe you can fix it or maybe it takes less effort not to.  My fixing was a combination of taking years to figure out how and making the effort to work on it.  It’s not totally fixed yet, and it might not ever be quite right, but at least there’s more to remember than forget.


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