Loving/Being Loved

In the movie I watched last night, a man thanked his wife for loving him when the idea of someone loving him seemed so unlikely.  They were only together four years when tragedy separated them, but those four years were enough, no, more than he ever expected.  I had 37 years with my husband’s love and I thought, would four years have been enough to sustain me for the rest of my life?  I’m thinking of a husband whose wife recently passed away after being married not quite two weeks.  Was two weeks enough?  How about a day?  Would I have counted it a privilege to know my husband’s love for just one day?  I know I wanted to be married, but pretty sure I wasn’t thinking about being loved.  I know my parents loved me, but with a care-for love, not that I’m-the-most-special-person-in-the-world love.  I would describe the love I had for my husband as deep-down love that you feel in your soul, but I can’t seem to recall what it felt like to be loved by him, nor can I decide which is greater, loving or being loved.  Loving is an honor, being loved is being truly blessed.


2 thoughts on “Loving/Being Loved

  1. That is beautiful. I had 4 married years (though we dated for 4 years before that). I don’t know if it is enough to sustain me but I have no choice. I think regardless of how many years you have, they are never enough.


    1. More would have been much, much better, but it certainly was a privileged to have been loved by him, especially in a world where so many people don’t get to experience being loved even once. I hope you will find that kind of love again.


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