Run Towards

When something frightens me, my first instinct is to run, which is exactly what happened when my husband died.  The problem with running away is the inability to stay focused on where you’re going.  Each look back provides the opportunity to get off track or fall, which takes energy away from moving forward, making it harder to reach the finish line.  Only when I stopped running away did I realize I wasn’t heading towards anything.  Only then did I see the possibilities of what was, and could be, ahead of me.  My first run towards was a new home in a new place and my first grandchild.  For the fear of being newly unemployed it may be a college degree and new career, of retiring, it may be traveling or volunteering.  Whatever is behind may have been good, but what about wanting more good.  If you think you don’t deserve it, you’re wrong.  If it wasn’t so good, good riddance, there’s lots of good out there to find.  If you think it’ll never happen because it never has, you’re wrong.  What’s behind can chase but it can’t catch.  Yesterday isn’t today, so today I ask, what’s my next run towards?


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