Will Key

I saw a sign the other day: I just rescued some wine.  It was stuck in a bottle.  A very heroic thing to do!  Wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed and in order to do so you have to pop the cork and let it breathe, before pouring it out to enjoy its full flavor.  This made me think, wouldn’t it be great if I could rescue others from being stuck somewhere they don’t want to be, like in a carton of cigarettes, the deep well of grief, an oversized body, or an unhappy marriage.  To free the wine, you’ll need a wine key.  To free a life, you’ll need a will key.  You can’t borrow mine, because how much I want you to escape doesn’t matter.  The only thing that does is how much you want it; finding your own will key.  If there’s a cork in my life, keeping me in, keeping me from breathing and flowing freely, then I’m stuck.  Whether I find my will key on my own or with some help, I’ll be the one turning that key deep into that cork, most likely involving some pain, but to an amazing end – freedom.


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