Allow vs. Learn

When I met my husband he could barely read.  He learned how by us reading out loud together.  He made a choice to no longer allow a certain unbeneficial behavior but instead learn a beneficial one.  I wondered how he made it through school; why did the teachers allow it.  But it’s like all the many things people are allowed to get away with – cheating, speeding, eating badly, not exercising.  Who’s monitoring my actions? Just me, and there’s so many times I’m not looking.  I could look, but don’t want to because a lot of effort goes into learning a different behavior.  As parents we didn’t allow our children to watch TV or play video games for hours on end, run and run, or be responsibility free.  Allow would have been a lot easier than helping them learn other productive things to do, how to sit still, or ways they could help with household chores.  As I get older, it’s becoming quite easy to let go of the learned and let allow take over; less effort looking mighty good.  I now have a choice – do something about this realization or allow it.  More effort or less?  I’ll choose more.


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