Sunday night when I realized the weekend was over , I thought, it starts again; the work week –  the routine of Monday through Friday.  Whether it’s sales, caring for children, or numbers and more numbers.  That thought in turn created a question – is how I spend most of my week OK?  My answer was I don’t know.  So I asked an easier question – is there something better?  My answer came quickly – no.  If my answer was again, I don’t know, then I better be ready to find out, coming up with ideas, checking them out, and comparing them to what I do now.  Why would I want to go through Monday through Friday year after year and not know the answer?  I’d be settling; not the best way to live, unless you can fulfill your passions too, each and every week.  I had two good jobs during my working years and made decent money doing them.  But I never relied on those jobs to make me happy.  It was passions, first my husband and children, and now hobbies and grandchildren.  Passions – things I love enough, to allocate time and effort enough, to find joy and fulfillment enough.


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