Joy in Amazing

When my grandson bumps into something and gets hurt, I always take his mind off the hurt by reprimanding whatever he hit – you naughty stool or bad, bad, refrigerator!  I thought of this as I made myself another spoonful of peanut butter and Nutella, and the person who introduced this amazing combination to me, my sister.  Bad, bad Linda for letting me in on this flavor combination.  It’s really good, but not the best for me, especially those times when I intend to have one and end up having three!  Who doesn’t want to experience an amazing life, family, career, friendship, and/or love?  It’s nice to know that not ever having something amazing means I’ll never miss it.  But one taste of amazing and wanting to keep it, or have more, arrives in full force, leaving me open to the pain of missing it when it’s gone for good.  Does the pain of longing for an amazing I no longer have keep me from ever wanting amazing again?  No, because there’s too much joy in amazing!  I don’t have an excess of amazing in my life, so I’ll enjoy some in moderation and the rest every time I can.


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