Can I see the wind?  No, but I can see its effect as it blows through the trees, moves clouds, messes up my hair, cools me off, and turns umbrellas inside out.  Some of the effects, caused by this unseen force, are gentle and others not so much; absolutely violent at times, able to turn a building standing strong for years into rubble in just moments.  We harness its power when we can, but must stand by, letting it go free when we can’t.  Can I see my husband?  No, but I can see his effect in my life and his children’s.  I see his effect on my woodworking, playing his guitar, and my heart strings when his love moves through me.  He’s there in his children’s work ethic, and concern for others and helpful natures.  Always with the best intentions, he blew through my life, moved and messed with me, blowing cold and hot, and sometimes turned me inside out for over 36 years, but it only took moments to  bring him down and turn my life into rubble.  I harnessed all the power he left me with and re-built my life.  He, a life changing force, forever free.


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