Sun vs. Weather

Watching the weather this morning I realized that while the sun always rises in the east, weather patterns in the northeast usually come from the west – completely opposite directions.  But these opposites can produce an amazing sun rise to start an otherwise nasty weather day.  It’s why there’s rainbows and beautiful sunsets.  Something I count on is the sun’s rising and setting.  Something I never count on is the weather, even weather reports, because the weather does what it wants, not what we think it’ll do or should do.  My family experienced how the sun impacts the wind in Zion National Park, but the opposite is never true – the weather can make the sun disappear, but that’s really nothing at all.  I know people who are more like the weather than the sun, and those just the opposite, like me.  In combination they can balance out each other’s negatives and improve the positives.  It’s nice to have a sun in your life so there’s always someone you can count on, a light that will still be shining after a storm, a consistency when the weather in your life does the unexpected, with a strength strong enough to impact others.


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