Heart Meld

I don’t think you can truly know what another person is going through, thinking, or feeling.  Coming close is possible, but the only shoes you can walk in are your own.  You can come close by taking the time to listen to what they’re saying, and opening your heart to take in and process as much as you can.  I wonder why with so many words available, there’s times when there’s just not enough, or the right ones, to express what you’re thinking or feeling.  Could I clearly explain what it’s like to be me?  A partial picture maybe, but there’s too many pieces I don’t understand myself.  It’s easy to see why it can become frustrating for the person explaining and for the person trying to understand and why many times one or both don’t come close.  Even Mr. Spock from Star Trek, who could pull off a mind meld, couldn’t manage a heart meld.  So instead of frustration, when you get as close as you can to understanding, choose to accept, and when you’ve run out of words and ways to explain, choose to say it’s enough, both letting it be, satisfied that close enough is good enough.


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