Ball and Glove

My grandson just got his first baseball glove.  We learned they need to be broken in to make them conform easily to your hand so you can catch and hold onto the ball.  Duct taping the glove around a ball works, using the tape sticky side out so it only sticks to itself.  Another way is to fold it and put it between a mattress and box spring so it gets squished.  I picture marriage as a ball tossed between two people who need to purchase two new gloves, different size gloves that have to be made supple enough to hold the same ball.  It’ll take time and patience to break those gloves in.  There’s going to be squishing involved in order to accommodate the needs of another person without giving away a pile of your own.  You might need to tape that ball to your glove many times making that ball harder and harder to drop.  Scotch tape might work, but the industrial strength duct tape is better – sticky side out, leaving no gunk behind each time it’s removed.  Ball and glove, a more understandable and practical picture of the joining of two lives than the ambiguous word marriage.


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