Life Light

I’ve seen rainbows occasionally over the years, but never on a regular basis.  I consider it a rare occurrence to have seen double rainbows two days in a row, in approximately the same place and about the same time.  Did you know that the second rainbow always appears higher in the sky with the color spectrum reversed?  The difference between the two rainbows sounds simple – sunlight reflecting off each raindrop twice instead of once –  but to me, how it’s possible for drops of clear liquid to reflect light to create an arch containing rows of every color in the same order, is beyond me.  I’m a reflection as well, of all the paths I’ve taken, revealing a life capable of portraying moments of spectacular.  My husband’s life still shines through me, which is why you can sometimes see his colors sprinkled in with mine.  My husband and I shine a second time through our kid’s lives, mixing our colors with theirs.  We’ve all been influenced by each other’s raindrops because, just like the sun, we’re sometimes covered by rain clouds, but we can shine after, letting our light reflect off those last remaining drops to show off our amazing colors!


2 thoughts on “Life Light

  1. I love this, especially shining a second time through our children. Maybe we can shine a third time through our grand children if we are lucky enough to spend quality time with them.


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