You Never Know

Several times a day, my grandson takes the opportunity to use his favorite saying: “You never know, but there’s always hope.”  He uses this every time something comes up where the outcome or answer is unknown.  Will T-ball get rained out?  If the sun comes out we can go to the park.  Do you think our block tower will fall down?  It doesn’t matter if he hopes so or hopes not, it’s all about turning to hope when you don’t know.  The saying “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” can be turned into, Tis better to have hoped and lost than never to have hoped at all.  What’s the alternative, fear and gloom while waiting for the outcome or answer?  The same amount of time ticks by as I wait, but there’s a huge difference in how I spend it.  I make a choice to have a positive outlook or a negative one, neither having any effect of the outcome, which may end up being disappointing, but at least I spent however long it took to get there carrying joy in my pocket.  So much better than carrying despair on my back.


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