Yet Possible

My daughter used the words “youthful enthusiasm” to describe her father’s  “belief in the possibilities of life and the worth of dreams”.  He managed to maintain this outlook on life in spite of the numerous struggles he faced as a child and throughout his adult life.  Those struggles were a result of his ever-present goal to reach higher, to change his life for the better, to dream.  He could have settled any number of times for the job he was in or be satisfied with a few accomplishments, but he didn’t.  Always wanting, and I believe needing, something more.  More fulfilling, more meaningful, more life-changing experiences.  It was never about the money because becoming what you really want to be takes a lot more than that.  I wish I had a photo of him hiking an Adirondack trail, carrying his fully loaded pack basket.  If you’ve had the misfortune to use one, you’d know the incredible amount of strength and determination it takes to carry such as unyielding contraption, which is why that photo would describe him perfectly.  It’s not that his struggles never got him down, it’s that he always rose above them to see what was yet possible.


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