I See – I Do

Why does a young father die on his way home from work after someone ran a red light?  Why does a college student end up paralyzed after diving into the water with his dad?  Why does a man who’s wasted his life for years, survive his first heart attack but not my husband, who gave all he had to make a difference?  All of these were a result of something unseen in normal, everyday, life situations.  They remind me I can’t do anything about what I can’t see so I better do something about what I can see – me and those around me.  Whether it’s eating less so I don’t have to buy bigger clothes or expressing my love to those I love; making a difference in the lives I care about.  It’s not just seeing either, it’s acknowledging and taking action if action is required.  I’ve been eating too much lately because I’m not happy.  Do I ignore the weight gain since I’m happy or figure out a new healthier happy?  Do I spend 4 hours in a car on a Sunday to spend time with my Mom or let my sisters keep her company?  I see – I do.


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