Finding Love

Since I asked, I should answer.  Do I want to find love again; need to?  I’m not sure about want, but I definitely don’t need to.  Over these past 6+ years, I’ve created a life that I’m comfortable with, no more than that, many times, happy with.  I have a life full of all I enjoy doing and experiencing.  Add making a difference in the lives of my grandchildren and I’m overflowing.  These things can’t take the place of being loved, but they do make life fulfilling and meaningful.  I believe being loved is a special bonus because it’s not guaranteed.  There is no promise stating if I love, I’ll be loved in return.  It’s not just up to me because it involves the feelings of another person, something I can’t control.  What I can control is me, all I do and want to do, and who and what I invest my time in.  I’ve lived in a world I couldn’t control for too long so I’m not willing to spend time finding someone to love, longing for their love in return, and waiting for something that might not ever happen.  It happened once, powerful enough to still feel loved.


2 thoughts on “Finding Love

  1. I completely agree with what you said ! ❤ You might want to find love. But you definitely don’t need to! As long as you are confident enough to love yourself. Very very well written 👌💯


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