Unstick Myself

People say “I give up” when they can’t figure out the answer to a question.  They say it to call an end to a fight.  It says I’m done, I can’t finish, I’m “out gunned”, I can try no longer, or I’ve lost all hope.  These may be true, but only for a time if you have the determination to not be knocked down for good.  Lots of things can try to knock me down and some do, especially when they’re beyond my control.  I thought a few times about giving up on my marriage.  I can’t comprehend ever giving up on my children.  Many times, giving up is associated with an ending; someone or something is taken from us, ending what was.  I’ve heard it said, endings are always sad, but I disagree when there’s still what is and what can be; a new beginning.  I can get stuck in the sadness of endings and lose hope, or I can see endings as beginnings of good things yet to come.  I might think, the what can be couldn’t possibly be better than what was, but I’d rather unstick myself, stepping forward, and see how close I can get.


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