Before Missing It

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_11cWhile my son was here, we hiked up Big Slide and my daughter and son-in-law hiked Giant with him.  I had tears in my eyes watching the videos of the spectacular views of the “High Peaks” region from the summits, because I was reminded of what my husband said about these mountains; “My heart aches for the Adirondacks”, making the fact that’s he’s missing it touchable, unavoidable.  His heart no longer aches for these mountains, but mine does and always will, for even though I now live amongst these formidable peaks, it’s me living here without him.  My daughter and her family also live in this place, the place my husband loved most, and my son and his wife visit, but he can neither live here or visit.  Nevertheless, we must go on, we must experience, we must continue along a path we did not choose; one we can alter, yet all within the constraint of his leaving.  It’s OK to be sad that he’s missing it, but not to let that sadness become so great that I lose sight of the amazing privilege I still have to experience as much of life as possible before I start missing it.


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