I Want More Amazing

I’ve found myself using my age as an excuse lately, and it has to stop.  Coming up with reasons to not do, not even try, is so much easier than trying or even looking at what I want or need to do with a “let’s just see how far I can get” attitude.  I’m old, I didn’t sleep well last night, my muscles/joints ache, my sneakers are wet, my hair’s gray!  I thought of the excuse, I’m blind.  I don’t know what that’s like, but that excuse could be used for even the simplest of tasks for a seeing person, like finding matching socks, putting on lipstick, or pouring a glass of milk.  I’ve tried some amazing things in my life; well scary might be a better word.  My only thought was how wonderful to get the chance.  The answer to why do it, is why not.  But when it comes to the many ordinary things, there should be a better answer to  why than necessary, automatic.  I need to put up a few more stickers in my house with better answers, like, I’m Alive, Move or Lose, Trying is the First Step to Success, and I Want More Amazing.


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