Not a Caterpillar

The sun was supposed to come out after a week of rain and cold.  But it was so nice snuggled into my soft, warm bed.  I didn’t have to get up.  I wanted to, needed to take a walk, but that was my thought last night, not 6:45am this morning!  Many things are either just too easy to do or too easy not to do.  As I get older, it gets easier for my mind and body to choose easier, comfy, and effortless.  I did get up, but the sky didn’t match the weather report; lots of gray clouds to the north and east.  Did my herculean effort  to get up go to waste? I checked one more time to the west and there was lots of sunlight shining through and the clouds were quickly heading east.  So I went and my mind and body are feeling the benefiting from it.  So easy to stay where I am, where I’m comfortable, where I only have to exert a small amount of effort.  If all the caterpillars in the world shared that view, the world would be deprived of amazingly beautiful butterflies.  I should never settle for being a caterpillar.


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