My Mom

There’s many reasons to celebrate Moms, reasons to say my Mom’s special.  She was there for me, she’s loving, kind, and caring.  The greatest thing I remember about my Mom was she was there, ever present.  She had children – 6 girls – in her care for 25 years; that was her job.  A tremendous amount of homemade meals, thousands of lunch bags, mega trips to the grocery store, stoves used daily and to capacity, and tons of laundry.  Because she stayed home we didn’t have the latest fashion in clothes or hair styles, go on fancy vacations or to expensive lessons, or experience cool activities that required cash; things we didn’t miss.  I don’t remember my Mom taking any time for herself, by herself.  I don’t remember her pampering herself – buying herself something special, getting a massage or even her hair done.  Maybe she did, but I wasn’t paying attention.  She just was, always, being Mom, not considering any of that special, just normal everyday Mom stuff.  She’s in her mid 80’s now, not getting around so well, and many times grumpy with not being able to live like she wants and yet her heart still beats and I love her.


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