Neither Weather Nor Sun

I woke the past couple of mornings to snow on the ground, and yesterday it snowed off and on throughout the day.  My first thought was, how can this be, it’s May, but Mother Nature doesn’t care that it’s May.  She does her thing with the wind, temperatures, and clouds every day, with no interference from, or regard for, anything.  The sun does its thing too, maintaining the same patterns year after year, no matter what the weather’s doing to its shine.  I know people who are like the weather, who do their thing with little regard for others, requiring others to be ready to deal with come-what-may without radar to predict what will happen next.  Others are like the sun, never changing, reliable, and always shining on the outside.  I see myself as having some of both.  I consider myself steady and trustworthy, not always able to show my shine, but also willing to change.  I’ve changed jobs and packed up and moved when what I have and where I’ve been could benefit from a different orbit.  Being the same isn’t interesting and consistently changing can be quite tiring, so I’ll be neither always the same or forever changing.


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