Quieter Life

“ . . . 1950’s version of a kitchen . . . now it exists as a reminder of a quieter life, lower expectations.”  (Eternal on the Water) I grew up in a 1950’s kitchen.  A time when, even though many mom’s had full time jobs as moms, you could still own your own home, and one car in the driveway was enough.  A time when kids entertained themselves outside, with friends and imaginations.  We ate most suppers together in that kitchen, made from scratch, sometimes with hand cranked ice cream for dessert.  TV consisted of three channels and every show was rated G.  Vacations were trips by car to see family, or camping with no water, electric, or cable hookups.  Campground sounds were fires crackling,  coffee perking, children playing, and fireside conversations.   “We believe the world has become tired because it cannot sleep.”  (Eternal on the Water) I think people are tired too, although they don’t let themselves think about it.  I’ll use the term, caught up, to describe how people arrive where they end up living, rarely contemplating any another place exists.  A quieter one, not with low expectations, but lower than the ones the world sets before us, more realistic ones that can be met without spending every minute on overload.


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