Starting Point

“We start from where we stand. . .  No sense looking back.”  (Eternal on the Water)  When hiking in the Adirondacks I’m thrilled to get to the top.  Doesn’t matter how long, how high, or how difficult the trip.  The first thing I find is a great spot to stand and take in the view.  Standing to me means an end of something; the pause before starting again.  When it comes to starting again, the trip up does matter.  If it’s been long and difficult, I’m tempted to just stand, forever if possible.  If it’s been more of a challenge than I thought, I might start out slow, picking up the pace after working out the dings and dents in both body and spirit.  Sometimes the trip up is amazing, making it easy to start again, only to find the next trail slippery or even impassable.  And when it comes to looking backwards while walking forward, it’s pretty easy to bump into things, lose your way, or stumble and fall.  However I got to the place I end up, I’ll be standing at a new starting point, in good shape or bad.  After a breather, I’ll start anew, putting the past behind me where it belongs.


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