On the Verge

“. . . we might be right on the verge of a wonderful year, but we wouldn’t know it right now.  The most fantastic thing in the world could be just around the bend, but you sit and look at this one small corner and you think that’s the end of it.” (Eternal on the Water) Hindsight, so perfectly clear, infringes on the only thing our foresight can be, hopeful.  The word verge means the edge or approaching.  Every minute of the day we’re approaching the next, expecting, but not knowing for sure what it will bring.  All the minutes spent and those to come make up a life, one that can’t be lived on a straight road.  Choices are made by and for me and things happen beyond my control, creating intersections and curves, opportunities to change direction.  When at a crossroads, I can’t just sit there and reflect on what happened after making the last turn, because I’ll never get to see what could be waiting just around the bend, just out of sight.  Where I’ll be in the next minute or two or a thousand, wherever each turn or curve takes me will be somewhere new, so why not expect it to be amazing?


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