You Go On

I recently enjoyed the book Eternal on the Water, so I’ll share a few quotes in these next few blogs.  “You go on, Cobb.  Honor me by going on.  Pedal down, live it all.  Promise me?”  Cobb’s wife was dying; they knew this when they married.  The reason she gave for going on wasn’t about him, but about her, to honor her, her life, her love for him.  She didn’t mean just exist either, which is living, but in the smallest sense of the word.  She wanted him to go all out, experiencing all that living implies in the largest sense of the word; never tiring of discovering all things new and never shying away from the entire range of human emotions.  He promised her, knowing she would never know if he kept his promise or not; but he would know.  My husband never said these words to me, but he would have, if given the chance.  I don’t see it as getting over it and moving on, but rather smashing through the road block his death put in my way and successfully navigating a new route, going on, finding peace, love, heartache, and whatever else life throws my way.


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