Small Successes

While walking in the woods with my grandson, we left apple cores behind for the deer.  He said, “maybe a lion will eat them”, to which I replied, “lions don’t live around here”, to which he replied “you never know”!  Now that’s what I call an utmost belief in possibilities!  It’s a shame that as we grow up, disappointments, failures, and obstacles cloud our belief that all things are possible.  Actual experiences arrive, creating a longer and longer ruler by which to measure our chances of success, with each failure pushing the mark of success further and further out.  I have yet to stop trying, but can understand why others do.  I believe adults measure success very differently than children, who, in their small world, find great joy in small successes.  I’ve learned it’s extremely helpful to break down the things I’m trying to accomplish, or get through, into small pieces so the joy of success comes in stages, providing the means to keep moving forward towards the final goal.  I’m talking about all kinds of goals; from jobs, to losing weight, to just mowing the lawn.  Big mountains, cut down into several small ones, not so insurmountable after all!


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