How Hard?

I’ve accomplished, and been through, things that people would call hard.  I know people who have gone through harder things than I’ve ever faced and wonder if I could do the same.  Thinking about some hard things I’ve faced recently made me realize that tasks or circumstances, in and of themselves, are not what’s hard.  I consider running a half marathon hard, but to someone who’s run a marathon, it isn’t.  What makes something hard is the combination of a person and that something, with the person being the key factor.  Estimating my ability to make it past all that is set before me starts with determining how easy it is to do, or get through, using the natural ability, training, knowledge, strength, or determination I know I have.  But I’ve discovered there are things I don’t know about my capabilities, ones that can either bubble up, turning hard into surmountable, or flee, leaving me with impossible, just when they’re needed the most.  How do I factor these unknowns into the equation?  I don’t, I can’t.  I can only remember that hope succeeds when knowledge fails and possibilities abound if I believe anything is possible no matter how probable.


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