Forest Friends

My daughter-in-law taught us the term, forest friends for the wild critters who live in the woods around us. They spend most of their time seeking food, but I believe they play too, interacting with nature, and living fairly peaceful lives, becoming angry and defensive only when threatened.  Many in the northeast live solitary lives.  Is it just nature or do they function just fine on their own, not needing the company of others.  Many also live with a minimum of sound and nothing for entertainment but themselves.  I, on the other hand, know exactly where food is located, some even comes ready to eat!  That leaves me with lots of hours to fill with things I should do and things I want to do, with want to do shouting the loudest.  Angry is just about a daily event, usually when I’m inconvenienced or in a hurry.  I can function on my own, but don’t like to, and I don’t need anybody’s company, but I want it badly.  My conclusion – there’s lots to learn from forest friends.  I need to think like a bear, not needing constant external entertainment, but finding the peace, and enjoying the solitude found within me.


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