While I was trying to come up with a cute saying the other day, I said, I wish I could be clever.  It made me laugh because it sounded like a silly thing to be, but only because I didn’t know its full meaning.  It’s more than just devising or applying ideas, or being witty.  You have to be clever to be on Jeopardy – quick to understand and learn, and intelligent.  You don’t have to be clever to be on America’s Got Talent – skilled at doing or achieving something; talented.  I’ve yet to see anyone clever enough to Beat Bobby Flay – showing skill; ingenious.  And being clever has nothing to do with coming up with a hit reality TV show – showing inventiveness or originality.  But my life doesn’t depend on knowing the answers to interesting but useless questions, it’s not lived in front of judges who could X me out for failure or push the golden button for excellence, there’s no one to beat, and it is the embodiment of reality.  I can be every bit clever if I persist in trying, learning, doing, and originality.  As for talent and skill, it’s all in the eye of the beholder – me!


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