I’ve been told, it’s not always about you, and I’ve said it to others on occasion too.  I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was more common to say, it’s not always about me.  There’s a huge difference between selfish and selfless.  Both words start with the word self, so it’s obvious, both words are about me.  What about me is based on the suffix, the ending.  The suffix, -ish,  creates adjectives with a sense of belonging, therefore selfish means pertaining to me, inclined towards me, or about me.  Since I can’t be anyone else, it’s pretty easy to be selfish and consider myself first.  To get to the second suffix, less, meaning less pertaining to me, less about me, I have to get past the easy, the obvious, with the yeah, but.  Yeah, I’m looking out for me, but am I the only one to be considered?  What I need is an automatic Yeah-But switch, triggered when me bubbles up to the surface, reminding me there may be other people and things to take into consideration.  Since there will be no switch I’ll work on becoming less-ish – meaning less of me, myself, and I, and more of others.


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