On Say Yes to the Dress, a bride-to-be shared that her husband-to-be was recently diagnosed with a degenerative disease.  During the ceremony, tears flowed when he thanked her for taking him as he was.  The diagnosis gave them a strong desire to cherish each other by showing them the end.  Just about everything ends.  Sometimes we want it to, or we fight to postpone it, sometimes having it end anyway.  When it comes to relationships, becoming aware its end will come way too soon, corrects my vision, making me see the other person through different eyes, appreciative eyes, adoring eyes, all because the end becomes a reality, turning that person and the relationship into something to be cherished above all else.  Why is it so easy for the opposite to be true for “normal” relationships, the ones with no tragic, foreseeable end, the ones we allow to turn into something to be treated so carelessly?  The, having them forever fairytale, is much easier to believe then the harsh reality of how easy a life can end.  So cherish today and those you love, and hope for many tomorrows, remembering these are a gift, not something to be taken for granted.


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