No Greater Honor

Little Clear Pond Initials

I thought quite a bit about how to honor my husband’s life on the anniversary of his death.  It’s more than  remembering him, which I do often.  It’s more than thinking about what he’s missing, the thing that saddens me the most and most often.  A few years back we canoed across Little Clear Pond in the Adirondacks, hiking to St. Regis Pond for lunch, and on the way back scattered some of his ashes so he could swim with the trout. So my daughter, grandson, and I decided to go back and stand on that shore, because he can’t.  Ice and snow still covered the pond, so using cones, we wrote his initials in the snow, remembering that canoe trip and the heartfelt words my children shared about their dad.  My daughter took photos of his initials, one with my grandson, whose middle name is JW, the letters said together and abbreviated to create my husband’s nickname, JDubs.  A friend of mine shared an amazing way to honor him by posting “3/25 . . . makes me slow down and try to have a little more grace, humility & humor.  Part of his legacy.”  His life still impacting lives – no greater honor!


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