Finding Words

“Sometimes we’re silent because our soul knows how it feels, but hasn’t found the words that the mind can understand (JmStorm).”  This explains much of my silence throughout the years, having the words in my soul, but not in my mind.  Without the right words, it’s hard to express myself without bumbling it.  I should have realized this on my own considering how many times I read my blog before publishing it, wanting to find the most significant and meaningful words to express my thoughts in 200 words or less.  The word limit prevents me from rambling and repeating, and re-reading allows me to consider if I said what I meant to say, searching my soul to find words that can be understood, therefore giving me the best hope for making a difference.  But writing down my thoughts has an advantage over speaking, in that I have the opportunity to reconsider every word.  Re-thinking my spoken words would end up choppy, and therefore hard to follow.  Something like, you’re such an angry person, no, why are you angry, no that’s not what I want to know, what’s making you so angry?  Deep down wanting to help instead of criticize or scold.


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