Smarter Than Foolish

There’s nothing like words. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  “I have a dream.”  “Love is all you need.”  Words bring out the best in people and the worst.  They can be angry or joyful, hurtful or loving, encouraging or disheartening,  belittling or supportive.  The same word can be interpreted differently, depending on the context or tone of voice.  The comment, that was smart, could be a compliment or used to ridicule, but unfortunately the written word doesn’t come with tone.  It would be great if spoken words came with an eraser or rewind button.  Naughty or nice, once out, they hit their mark,  never able to be taken back, only forgiven, rarely forgotten.  Sometimes words aren’t enough, they don’t mean enough to make a difference.  Sometimes there are no words, when nothing can be said to make a difference.  So what does make a difference when words can’t be heard or aren’t enough?  Turning words into action, like a hug to say I love you.  My words, my responsibility, having some kind of impact, so why not make it a good one.  Hard, but not impossible; being smarter than my foolish tongue.


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