Tick Tock

I made rice pudding the other day.  It’s so good, I could eat it all day long, and yet I still wonder if it’s worth all the effort.  My husband made the best chocolate pudding.  He’d add extra chocolate and stir and stir, the part I find time consuming and boring, which is why I think homemade pudding is becoming a lost art.  There’s no shortcut; it’s just one of those things that takes its time.  In the movie Zootopia, the department of motor vehicles is run by sloths; it made me chuckle, but man, that’s a little too close to the truth!  It’s not that we don’t have enough time, it’s packing too many things into the time we have.  Years ago, a woman had a successful day if she prepared enough food for her family and kept the fire going.  For a man, it was tending the livestock and fields, and splitting enough wood to keep his family warm.  For a sloth, still climbing a tree.  The clock is ticking: quality, not quantity; leaving room, not filling; discovering, not finishing; time is finite, we are too; and choosing how to spend it, rather than letting it spend you. (See my Recipe Page for the recipe)


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