Snow came again last night so I moved more snow today, mostly from my shed.  Not sure how much the snowshoes helped, still sinking deep, with the snow coming off the roof, packing me in up to my waist.  When I slid down onto the clearing in front of the doors, I sat down and with great effort, got my snowshoes off.  I was exhausted so I laid down, out of the wind, with the sun on my face, and laughed and laughed.  I laughed so hard I made a squirrel laugh!  Well, that’s what his chattering sounded like to me.   I’m not exactly sure what I was laughing about, but it felt really good.  Right now my back and shoulders aren’t laughing.  They’re probably saying, hey idiot, you just can’t, out of the blue, push me that hard.  Yeah, well I can and did.  Yeah, well you’re paying for it now and just wait until tomorrow.  Yeah, well the laugh was worth it, and tomorrow?  Would I want to know what will happen if it was possible?  I don’t think so.  It will bring what it will bring, taking little regard for what I have to say about it.


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