3-15-17.4Yesterday, I trudged through 36+ inches of deep snow, stopping often, my leg muscles giving in to the resistance.  It was hard work, but I made it to my destination.  My thoughts went to things buried deep within me, things that I ignore, letting them sink towards an unseen bottom, leaving me unsure if  I’ll have enough air to reach them and still make it back to the surface.  Why deal with hard issues or longings when there are so many quicker and easier ones that pop to the surface on their own, and external ones, that unexpectedly get in your face saying, here I am, deal with me.  I shoveled yesterday too, removing the deep snow layer by layer, in places only able to throw it ahead and therefore moving it again.  It was difficult and time consuming, but remove it I did, leaving behind a clear path.  If I look at what’s buried deep within me in the same way, breaking it down into layers, giving myself time to adjust to the resistance and pain, dealing with each layer once or multiple times, I will remove that which is in my way and free myself of the deep.


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