Dirty Me

My daughter reminded me recently about how my husband cleaned.  He never cleaned as he went, so when he cooked, he cleaned.  He’d let his workshop get so cluttered  there was no room to work and then he’d clean for an entire day.  Sometimes he’d clean the kitchen with a toothbrush; deeply cleaning a few things, but missing the rest.  My life gets dirty too.  I can get dusty with lots of little issues; gunk can get trapped in the holes in my life; my strengths can break, leaving me with missing pieces; and pride or jealousy can spill over leaving me feeling somewhat sticky.  Some dust is easily seen and removed, but some settling out of reach takes extra effort.  A quick wipe will remove most gunk, leaving some behind to build up until it’s finally noticed and calls for a good scrubbing.  Broken can sometimes be put back together if all the pieces are there, but if not, replaced with something better.  And, when my not so great traits overflow, it’ll take several cleanings to get rid of the sticky film left behind.  Quick and easy or a hard scrubbing, I need it and others will appreciate it.


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