Improve Thyself

When the sun finally came out last weekend, I noticed a glimmer out of the corner of my eye.  It was the water moving in Mill Pond after many months of being frozen.  As ice, its characteristics are solid, cold, immovable, and rigid.  In its liquid state it’s shape-able, moveable, and free flowing.  It seems to me that water would rather be free than bound, and moving, rather than still.  One thing both forms have in common is strength.  People are a lot like water, changing forms because of many different factors.  Sometimes I can be a little heartless, stubbornly set in my ways,  open to new thoughts and ideas, OK with maybe, or willing to either push through or go around, whatever it takes to be where I want or need to be.  In all my forms, knowing I have the strength to handle all the changing and re-changing, wanted or unwanted.

Thaw / Improve Thyself

  • Black carving a path through the white.  No harm intended.
  • The water just needs to be free.  It’s time.
  • Bound by the cold long enough.
  • Now growing wider and wider. Reaching to touch the shore.
  • Becoming what it really wants to be.

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