Yes I Can

I’m learning the song Landslide, which asks the question “Can I handle all the seasons of my life?”.  Handle means to manage so this question is focused on the difficulties/challenges of the seasons.  We experience all four seasons  in the northeast, with unmanageable difficulties, like the amount of rain, extreme temperatures and humidity, dangerous ice, and gusty winds.  Life has seasons too, not necessarily the same ones again and again, but for the challenges of these seasons, I do get to choose the extent to which they impact my life.  The growing season brought influences from siblings and peers, a season when some direction from parents and teachers was helpful.  My husband’s presence influenced my marriage season, and mine his, because I chose to be an equal partner.  Parenting season was influenced by a huge outflow of love, time, and energy towards my children.  I managed those outflows by not giving them all of me, remembering my needs and my marriage were important too.  So far, so good, but then widow season came, the most difficult, illogical, burdensome season yet, bringing me to can’t handle more times than can, but yet I’m able to answer with confidence, yes I can.


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