Dance A Little

On a recent episode of This is Us, Randall’s dad told him to roll down the windows and turn the music up.  For those who don’t know the character, Randall has been self-driven since he was a child, sometimes to the point of a breakdown.  Needing to be the best, he’s highly competitive, expecting more from himself than from anyone else.  What motivates some to hold themselves to that level?  Goals are great, and so is excellence,  high expectations, and determination, but these as all or nothing provides disappointment, and failure, the opportunity to rise to the surface way too often.  Trying isn’t failing because trying at any level is still trying.  Taking just one step is not standing still.  A stumble isn’t the end, it’s a chance to roll up your sleeves and clear the path.  Taking a step back just means you’re considering different directions.  Baby steps get you to the same place, it just takes longer.  Pausing makes time for re-energizing.  Perfect might be a beautiful word, but it’s pointless.  Rolling down the widows provides the opportunity to take some deep breaths, and turning the music up, redirects your mind for a time, to the dance-a-little channel.


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